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Our range of temperature sensor pockets, or thermowells, are manufactured in stainless steel or brass and are available in 5.2 mm or 6 mm diameters and 105 mm, 140 mm or 230 mm in length. These are designed to be combined with our range of temperature sensors.Temperaure Sensor thermowell or pocket

Temperature sensor pockets provide the best combination of stability and minimal thermal resistance to maximise measurement accuracy. We recommend installing temperature pockets for all heat meter sizes great than qp 6. For heat meters up to qp 6 we recommend the use of a temperature sensor ball valve.

All Sycous heat meters larger than qp 6 are supplied with the necessary temperature sensors pockets and do not need to be purchased separately.


Product Code Product Description Price
ZE050PO Pockets. D5.2MM, IL34.5MM. Per Pair See quote
ZE105PO Pockets. D6MM, IL85MM. Per Pair See quote
ZE140PO Pockets. D6MM, IL120MM. Per Pair See quote

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