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The M10 ball valve with a drilled hole for a temperature sensor is ideally suitable for the installation of direct temperature sensors on heat meters up to qp 6. For heat meter sizes above qp 6 a thermowell or temperature pocket would be required.

The M10 ball valve allows the system to be flushed correctly before needing installing sensitive metering equipment and, If the ball valve is closed, the temperature sensor can be replaced without needing to drain the heating system.

In the open position, the medium measured flows around the sensor and this is able to respond quickly and reliably to changes in temperature.

All Sycous heat meters up to qp 6 are supplied with a correctly sized ball valve that does not need to be purchased separately.


Product Code Product Description Price
ZE015BV 15MM Ball Valve, R½” See quote
ZE020BV 20MM Ball Valve, R¾” See quote
ZE025BV 25MM Ball Valve, R1” See quote

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