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Our range of brass couplings range from 1/2 inch to 2inch and are required for the installation of heat, cooling and water meter. All our couplings include poly or fibre washers, suitable for the meter application.

Please note that our heat meters, hot water meters and cold water meters already come with the necessary couplings and do not need to be purchased separately.


Product Code Product Description Price
ZE015CO 15MM Couplings, G¾″ R½″. Per Pair See quote
ZE020CO 20MM Couplings, G1” R¾”. Per Pair See quote
ZE025CO 25MM Couplings, G1¼” R1”. Per Pair See quote
ZE032CO 32MM Couplings, G1½” R1¼”. Per Pair See quote
ZE040CO 40MM Couplings, G2” R1½”. Per Pair See quote
ZE050CO 50MM Couplings, G2½” R2”. Per Pair See quote

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