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Please note this meter is for systems containing Glycol. If you do not require a Glycol meter, please Click Here.

The zelsius® Glycol C5 ISF single jet heat and cooling meter operates with the latest technology and is ideal for heat pump and solar systems containing a water with glycol (ethylene or propylene) mix.

The glycol mixture (20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50%) can be programmed on site through the meter calculator and can be changed at any time through the engineer function within the meter calculator, meaning accurate readings all the time.

The zelsius® Glycol C5 ISF with single-jet flow sensor combines efficiency with a compact design and advanced communication interfaces for MBus and wireless MBus. The zelsius® Glycol C5 ISF will accept programming for glycol up to 50% and this can be changed on the calculator. This allows for changes in the percentage of glycol in systems to be rapidly reprogrammed into the meter meaning accurate readings all the time.

Features and Performance Criteria

  • Available as heating/cooling meter or Combi version for heating/cooling
  • 15mm and 20mm version available
  • Glycol (ethylene or propylene) tolerant up to 50%
  • Lowest design height
  • Available with pulse, MBus or wireless MBus outputs
  • Optionally available with 3 inputs / outputs
  • For horizontal and vertical installation
  • Storage of all monthly values during the entire operating time
  • Extensive maximal value storage of thermal output, flow rate and other parameters
  • Optionally available with 11-years battery lifetime
  • Very wide dynamic range

Please download the datasheet for full technical details or Contact Us for further information.

Sycous C5 Glycol Heat Meter

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