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The Sycous Heat Cost Allocator provides an accurate calculation of heat output using a two-sensor measuring principle. This systems works with either a one or two pipe community or district heating system, as well as offering revenue protection features that electronically registers and transmits any potential manipulation.

Features and Performance Criteria

  • Electronic heat cost allocator with double-sensor measuring mode
  • Measuring range from 35°C to 130°C mean design temperature
  • Storage of the last two billing periods as well as the final readings of the last 18 months
  • Consumption data reading can be collected via radio transmitter
  • Legible, 5-digit multifunctional display
  • Guaranteed power supply for 10 years plus reserve
  • Infrared interface for automatic data visualisation via handheld computer, display-based retrieval and programming capability
  • Continuous internal self-checks
  • Any manipulation attempt is registered and transmitted electronically
  • Security sealed


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