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The zelsius® C5 ultrasonic heat and cooling meter operates with an innovative ultrasonic technology, specially developed for community and district heat and cooling applications.

Sensor Ball Valve

Sensor Ball Valve

The combination of a modern measuring technology and compact design mean this meter is suitable for recording all data for measuring energy consumption in heating and/or cooling systems. The wear-free ultrasonic technology is resistant to debris and is reliable for very low volume flow rates.

Thanks to its versatile and reliable communication interfaces, the zelsius® C5 guarantees cost effectiveness and ecological efficiency in consumer data recording and automated meter reading, whether by Pulse, Wireless or Hardwired MBus.

Features and Performance Criteria

  • Available as heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meters
  • Low design height
  • Wireless MBus (optional)
  • 3 inlets or 2 pulse inputs or outputs (optional)
  • Any installation position (even overhead)
  • Stores 24 months’ readings
  • 11-year battery service life
  • Precise, long-term stable, wear-free
  • Very wide dynamic range
  • Conforms to MID, Class 2


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Product Code Product Description Price
ZE101C5 15MM C5 IUF Ultrasonic Heat/Cooling Meter. 0.6m3/h, 110mm body length See quote
ZE102C5 15MM C5 IUF Ultrasonic Heat/Cooling Meter. 1.5m3/h, 110mm body length See quote
ZE103C5 20MM C5 IUF Ultrasonic Heat/Cooling Meter. 2.5m3/h, 130mm body length. See quote
Optional Items
ZEC5MBO C5 MBus Output Included
ZEC5WMB C5 Wireless MBus Output Included
ZEC5PUO C5 Pulse/Radio Output Included
ZE200PO Pocket or Ball Valve – 5.2mm, 50mm, 34.5mm ½”. Included
ZE015CO 15mm Couplings G3/4″ R1/2″. Per Pair Included
ZE020CO 20mm Couplings G1B R3/4″. Per Pair Included


Please download the datasheet for full technical details or Contact Us for further information.

C5 IUF Conformity Cert – MID

C5 IUF Ultrasonic Heat Meter Data Sheet

C5 Installation Guide