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Elvaco cme2100G3 wirelessmbus sycous

Sycous offer a wireless MBus automatic meter reading (AMR) data collection solution suitable for all domestic and commercial applications using transfers in accordance with the MBus standard (DIN EN 1434).

This is designed for both retrofit and new build projects, offering wireless remote meter data collection facilities for all energy monitoring, automatic monitoring and targeting (AM&T) and energy billing requirements.

The Sycous solutions works with all connected wireless MBus heat, cooling, gas, electricity, hot water and cold water meters, allowing energy and consumption data to be remotely read and the data transmitted via an inbuilt GSM/GPRS modem to a designated server, or email.

All our metering and data collection solutions are designed to be open-protocol, meaning you will not be tied into any manufacturer or service provider for administration and maintenance.

If you are unsure how many repeaters you need please Contact Us and we can arrange a full site visit.

Please submit an Online Quotation request and we will email your quotation within 4 working hours.

Product Code Product Description Price
EL500CM Sycous Wireless MBus Data Collection Unit. Suitable for up to 500 Meters See quote
AM101WM Wireless MBus Repeaters See quote
AM102WM Wireless MBus Adaptor for Pulsed Meters. Battery powered. See quote


For further information, please Contact one of our friendly metering experts, or download the data sheets below.

If you require a consumer billing system, or just want to monitor your energy consumption, please check out the mySycous application or Contact Us for further information.

Data Sheets

Sycous MBus Data Collector (Hardwired and Wireless)

Wireless MBus Gateway for Pulse Meters

Wireless MBus Repeater