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Sycous offer a wireless Pulse/Radio automatic meter reading (AMR) data collection solution suitable for all domestic and commercial applications.

This is designed for both retrofit and new build projects, offering wireless remote meter data collection facilities for all energy monitoring, automatic monitoring and targeting (AM&T) and energy billing requirements.

The Sycous solutions works with all connected pulse/radio output heat, cooling, gas, electricity, hot water and cold water meters, allowing energy and consumption data to be remotely read and the data transmitted via a handheld or vehicle mounted computer to a designated server, or email. A walk-by or drive-by solution is fully scalable to your requirements from 1 to 1,000,000 meter points.

All our metering and data collection solutions are designed to be open-protocol, meaning you will not be tied into any manufacturer or service provider for administration and maintenance.


 Product Code Product Description Price
 ZE101WB  Mino-Connect Bluetooth Walk-by/Drive-by Collector with Optical Head See quote
 ZE102WB  Mino-Connect Bluetooth Walk-by/Drive-by Collector  See quote
 ZE103WB  Optical Head for use with Mino-Connect  See quote
 ZE101SW  Meter Reading Software (Basic Version)  See quote
 ZE102SW  Meter Reading Software (Standard Version)  See quote
 ZE103SW  Meter Reading Software (Full Version)  See quote
BT101AD Android Tablet Device OS4.1, SD Card, Wifi, Bluetooth (used in conjunction with Mino-Connect) See quote

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